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Brazil has one of the most complex and dynamic tax systems in the world and taxes represent an important part of companies’ cost of doing business, and significantly impact the finances of families and individuals.

We act in the advisory and litigation areas, in the administrative and judicial spheres, always working together with other areas of the office, in order to provide a complete, multidisciplinary and definitive solution for our clients. Our services include the following services for legal entities and individuals:


  • Review of direct, indirect and social security tax calculations as well as identification of potential risks and opportunities
  • On-demand tax consultancy (advice, legal opinion and memoranda)
  • Tax consultancy – permanent tax advice resolution of specific and recurring issues
  • Analysis of tax and social security credits
  • Review of the clients’ operational, corporate, financing and repatriation of dividends structure identifying opportunities for tax optimization and risk mitigation
  • Support in identifying and obtaining tax incentives, special regimes and other tax benefits
  • Tax diagnosis to identify risks and contingencies
  • Tax advice on M&A operations (due diligence and tax structuring of )
  • Tax advice on infrastructure projects, concessions, partnerships and tenders
  • Tax advice to foreign investors in Brazil and to Brazilians abroad
  • Tax consultancy in cross border transactions
  • Calculation or revision of transfer pricing calculations
  • Tax, patrimonial and succession planning for families and individuals


  • Strategic court suits to reduce the tax burden at any level of complexity
  • Judicial suits to avoid challenges from tax authorities
  • Administrative and judicial defenses at all levels
  • Court suits to challenge unconstitutionalities and illegalities in tax legislation
  • Administrative procedures before tax authorities
  • Ordinary or extraordinary procedures to pay taxes in installments
  • Monitoring of tax inspections
  • Specific advice on litigation in progress (opinions, advice and memoranda)

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